About me

I am a professional with experience in the design and development of data science solutions. I have a PhD in engineering, a prolific career as a scientist and a strong background in mathematical modeling and statistics.


Machine learning

Prototyping, testing and deployment of machine learning models. Supervised, unsupervised, semi-supervised learning, deep learning, computer vision and recommender engines.

WebApp development

Full stack design and development of web-based applications.

Mathematical modeling

Drawing insights from datasets analysis and development of ad-hoc mathematical frameworks. Statistical analysis, hypothesis testing, and inference under classical and Bayesian approaches.

Some Of My Work

A selection of projects and applications.


While the work of a data scientist often involves hours of solitary coding, the positive impact of brilliant people who one trusts is invaluable. I have had the honor and luxury to have befriended and collaborated with some of the best minds out there.

Andrea Giovannucci

Data Scientist

Andrea is a Data Scientist expert in Deep Learning and Computer Vision.

Sudhir Raskutti

Data Scientist

An all-round professional, Sudhir's current focus is Cybersecurity.


Interested in discussing opportunities for collaborations, patnerships, or simply curious about me and my work? Visit any of my professional profiles or drop me a line.