Personal Information

I completed most of my education in Italy, where I earned a MS+BS in Engineering at the University of Catania and an additional MS in Experimental Science/Applied Math at the Scuola Superiore di Catania per la Formazione di Eccellenza.

I moved to the US to pursue a PhD in the field of Water Science at Colorado State University. My postdoctoral career took me first to Princeton University, then to Drexel University, working in the fields of hydrology, mathematical ecology and climate change. I authored a number of journal articles and technical reports, and published in prestigious journals, among which PNAS, WRR and Climatic Change.

As my interest in data analytics grew stronger, I decided to compliment my skillset and make a full career transition to Data Science. I have never been happier with my decision. I joined Insight Data Science first, then OnDeck. I broadened my spectrum of expertise through independent consulting as well.


I am a dedicated professional with expertise in the design and development of data science solutions. I value work and commitment and I enjoy (and welcome!) collaborative efforts.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, information, or opportunities, if you are interested in what I do or want to explore routes of professional collaborations and partnerships.


Data Science is not all I do.

Even thought my days as a civil enginners are way over, I still own and co-manage a construction company and do the (now very) occasional consulting.

I am an active athlete and I enjoy the competing in track and field (sprinting, which I also coach), soccer, tennis (formerly a national third division player), ski (captain of the ski team in high school), volleyball, and more.

When I do not work and do not do any of the above (it happens!), you can find me reading a book, writing, or watching movies.


Interested in discussing opportunities for collaborations, patnerships, or simply curious about me and my work? Visit any of my professional profiles or drop me a line.